Lyrebird Village aged care home is located: 6-20 Neerim St, Drouin, Victoria, 3818 • Tel: 03 5625 6400

Range of accommodation options, 115 room home

Established in 1973, Lyrebird Village is a home to a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive community that maintains strong connections with the local area and partnerships with local organisations throughout Drouin and the wider regions of West Gippsland. We offer both permanent and respite care, whether you need help with daily tasks, assistance with personal care or dedicated 24-hour nursing care.

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Standard Room

All of our rooms are single accommodation with ensuite facilities. We provide electric beds, bedside units, air conditioning and variety of fittings and encourage our residents to furnish and decorate their room to their own taste.

All rooms feature:

  • Modern construction
  • Electric bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Ensuite
  • Bedside units
  • Wi-Fi (opted as an additional service)
Icon / Access Sun Access to:

Recreation room • Courtyard • Lounge & sitting area • Library • Cafe • Dining room • Garden

A range of aged care services at Lyrebird Village.

Just because you may need some extra assistance now does not mean that you have to stop doing what you love to do! Our visiting service staff includes medical practitioners, physiotherapists, podiatrists, pharmacists, dietitians, speech therapists, counsellors, and hairdressers. 
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Residential aged care
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Palliative care
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Respite care

Services + Amenities

Our wish is that you enjoy yourself with a range of services and amenities at Lyrebird. *Some services are included in our additional services package, which incurs an additional daily fee. Please refer to our additional services brochure for full details.

Experienced team

Our staff is dedicated and trained to work under pressure, to best care and support our residents.

  • Registered nurses (24 hours/day)
  • Personal care assistants (dressing, hygienic care and more)
  • Housekeeping services (cleaning, laundry)
Illustration / Tailored services

Tailored services

Our social team arranges special activities designed to inspire interest and participation. Residents also have frequent visits from specialists, such as:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Dieticians
  • Hairdressers
  • Speech therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Councellors (opted as an additional service)
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Our chefs provide nutritious meals using only the freshest ingredients. Daily fare includes three main meals + three snacks. Access to dining rooms that include kitchenette and daily in season fruit. *Please refer to our additional services brochure for more details.

  • Three meals daily, including two hot meals
  • Prepared fresh, on site
  • Healthy and well balanced
  • Four week menu rotation
  • Daily picks of seasonally fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Menu reflects cultural demographics
  • Alternative offerings available
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Activities + excursions

We have key staff members and skilled facilitators to support residents to be as independent as possible. A tailored activities program is developed around each of our resident’s recreation, spiritual and leisure interests including interactions with the wider local community, organisations and schools. *Please refer to our additional services brochure for more details.

Illustration / Community

Sense of community

Becoming a resident at Lyrebird Villages does not mean severing ties with your existing lifestyle. We encourage our residents to be as actively involved as they wish to be whilst everyone’s personal space is respected. We own and operate three mini-buses on regular outings and drives throughout the district and to attend special events or occasions. *Please refer to our additional services brochure for more details.

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In person + video calls

Family and friends may visit Lyrebird Village anytime. For added peace of mind, remote video calls are always available. Our team is skilled to assist with technology to set up a successful video call. NBN and Wi-Fi offers all residents a fast and effective connection to the internet and entertainment. *Please note this is an additional service; refer to our additional services brochure for more details.

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Explanation of fees at Lyrebird Village

The amount that you will have to contribute toward the cost of your care is determined by factors such as room size, financial situation and personal needs. We have accommodation options that cater to everybody, from people who are on a full pension to those who have the means to contribute more.

Accomodation cost

This covers your room rental. You may be eligible for Governmental financial assistance.

How will I know if I’m eligible for financial assistance for aged care?

Financial assistance is available to those who truly need it. A means assessment will determine your eligibility based on your financial situation

The Australian Government will pay your aged care costs if:

Your income is below:


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Your assets are below:


You pay full if:

Your income is greater than:


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Your assets are greater than:


What are my options if I am self-funding my aged care?

The good news is, if you are paying for your aged care costs without Government assistance, you have a choice as to how you pay:

Option 1: RAD

A lump sum payment:

$550,000 Standard room

RAD = Refundable Accommodation Deposit
Fully refundable when you leave the home.

Option 2: DAP

Daily payments:

$125.67 Standard room

DAP = Daily Accommodation Payment
Rental-style, non-refundable payments.

Option 3: RAD + DAP

A combination of 50% RAD + 50% DAP
50% refundable when you leave the home.

Example of combination payment of a standard room:
50% refundable deposit (RAD) of $275,000
and 50% daily payment (DAP) of $62.84

Icon / Food

Food & services cost

This fee covers the cost of day-to-day services, such as meals, cleaning, laundry and facilities management.

Based on current rate:

$61.96 / day

$22,615.40 / year

The basic daily fee = 85% of the single person rate of the basic age pension. This changes twice per year.

Care cost

An ongoing fee that covers your personal and clinical care.

Personal care may include help with:
Bathing, dressing, grooming, toilet & shower support, etc.

Clinical care may include:
Specialised nursing services, medication management, catheter care, etc.

Means-tested care fees have annual and lifetime caps:

Maximum $33,309.29 / year

Maximum $79,942.44 / lifetime

Not everyone will have to pay a means-tested care fee; it is based upon your specific needs. If you do need to pay a care fee, the exact amount is determined through a means assessment. It may be determined after the needs assessment that you pay part of the cost and the Australian Government pays the rest.

Learn more out financial Government assistance at:

A word to prospective residents

Before becoming a resident at Lyrebird Village, it’s important for you and your loved ones to have an honest, open discussion. After all, this may be a significant lifestyle change, which can bring about many questions. To help you have the conversation, we’ve detailed key steps for those considering aged care.

To set up an in-home consultation, please reach out to our Customer Relationship Consultant.

Sherri-Lee Jennson 0492 069 580

Sherri-Lee Jennson
0492 069 580

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