Providing better living in Australia for over a century

As a proud not for profit organisation since 1922, Respect serves the senior community through our high standard of care and community. Our name may have changed over time, but the commitment to our residents' wellbeing is as strong as ever.

Providing better living in Australia for over a century

As a proud not for profit organisation since 1922, Respect serves the senior community through our high standard of care and community. Our name may have changed over time, but the commitment to our residents' wellbeing is as strong as ever.

Our focus is in giving back to seniors by fostering communities of belonging

Headquartered in the northwest coast of Tasmania, our philosophy remains: everyone deserves the right to a life well-lived, with dignity and respect.

We offer independent homes filled with the amenities that allow retirees to love where they live.

We provide compassionate aged care within safe surroundings for those who require assistance throughout the day.

We bring complete care at home assistance to those who prefer to stay within their own environment.

Our mission

Our mission is to care for the elderly in our communities in an environment of respect, value and belonging.

We're a Registered Charity and a proud member of the ACCPA

Our values

  • Respect
    Treat all people with fairness and dignity.
  • Care
    Look after and protect older people, and each other.
  • Teamwork
    Encourage, cooperate and build trust.
  • Courage
    Do the right thing, even when it’s difficult.
  • Integrity
    Be open, honest and trustworthy.
  • Innovation
    Think differently to solve problems.
  • Excellence
    Drive quality to continuously improve.
  • We believe the elderly are individual people, with rich histories and worthwhile lives, and age does not diminish their value”.

Our history


Respect’s beginnings emerged from a need to provide a safe, caring shelter for older people.

Respect’s oldest aged care home formed in 1922, however the main organisation began in Ulverstone, Tasmania in 1962 when a group of community members developed a plan to build a local aged care home.

This effort was led by William Purton, a Methodist, and supported by a newly formed local organisation of Christians from many different denominations. While the organisation itself is not aligned with any one church, this motivated group came together as a driving force to provide good to the community.

The first steps were taken by Purton, who took out a loan to purchase farming land close to Ulverstone. The local community members worked the land to pay off the loan, then subdivided the land and sold the lots. The profit was used to build the Eliza Purton Home, named after Purton’s mother, in 1964.

The organisation expanded over the years, particularly in the last decade to include six homes in Tasmania, seven homes in Victoria, and two homes in New South Wales. Respect also has approximately 250 units in five retirement villages and independent living complexes, as well as home care service, which we are prototyping to scale.

All of these services have successfully integrated into Respect, remaining not for profit and thriving in their communities.

Meet our team

With sincere motivation to offer high quality living throughout Australia, the Respect leadership team is on a roll. Through vision and expansion, we’re driving the brand forward for our residents. While it appears that innovative thinking and caring concern stems from the top, we are humbled by our amazing Respect staff, who hold these very same values. We all share the commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Board of Directors

John de Jong


John is an Architect who owns successful construction, joinery and office furniture companies as well as other business ventures. John has held various directorships in not for profit organisations over the last twenty-five years, and continues to contribute to other not for profit organisations in the community.

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Respect means understanding and respecting each person for their character and individuality. It's about acknowledging people for their contributions made to society in their lifetime and then providing them with the opportunity to live out their lives with dignity and express their individuality.

Antony (Ant) Dry

Vice Chair

Ant is a retired executive director from the motor and accounting (CA) industries, previously being executive director in multiple motor car dealerships (including Mercedes-Benz) and serving in the audit division at Deloitte.

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Respect is treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. It is showing that you and all others have an equal place in society. It means acknowledging that we have certain responsibilities towards each other.

June Song

June is a General Practitioner and Medical Director, Hospital Care At Home at Mercy Health, Melbourne. She is passionate about patient safety, clinical governance and women's health, and has extensive experience in the management of health services at operational and governance levels. June's experience spans across the public, private and the community (not for profit) health sectors.

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Respect means to pay due regard to our relationship with those who come before us. The lives we enjoy come as a result of those who fought for our rights, and more specifically, gave birth to and raised us. In life, business, and beyond, we need to listen to those who come before us, be inspired by their experiences, learn from their mistakes and lift them up as they did for us. I feel very privileged to be part of a business that does just that

Jacquie Ray

Jacquie is a strategic communication specialist, who has advised and counselled state and federal government agencies, public corporations and NGOs in Australia and the United Kingdom, with particular expertise in crisis and issues management, stakeholder and community engagement, media and strategic marketing.

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For me, true respect is when we seek to genuinely listen to, understand, empathise, appreciate and care for another person. It is an acceptance of their unique backgrounds, beliefs and behaviours no matter how different they might be to our own. We may not always be privy to the lived experiences of those who came before us, but we must always remember they have their own unique histories who have made them who they are today, and for that, they must be valued and admired.

James Walker

James is a well-known and respected retired lawyer with over 40 years’ experience in property law, and covering a wide variety of legal services. James has been active in a number of community organisations, and is currently active in the Hobart Community Legal Service, and the University of Tasmania.

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Respect means being able to provide quality care for all our residents in a safe community environment whilst at the same time respecting their individual needs and beliefs.

Jan Bonde

Jan was formerly the Mayor of the Central Coast in Tasmania and is also actively involved in a number of other community and not for profit organisations.

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Respect is something when given, shows acceptance, understanding and kindness. When received, I lift my head higher, I feel valued, and believe that you care. It carries me through my day


Jason Binder

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

MBA, Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Commerce, GAICD

Jason has significant experience in general management and leadership as well as specialisations in finance, workplace relations and information technology. He, and the executive team, have performed many significant company turnarounds and are experienced in both organic, and merger and amalgamation growth, including successful company acquisitions and consolidations.

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Respect is treating people as equals, no matter the difference in age, gender, race, sexuality, position, or any other difference.

Brett Menzies

Chief of Residential Aged Care

Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)

Brett has been a catalyst in the effective operation of Respect’s aged care homes through the implementation of robust clinical systems, structures and processes that provide strong compliance across the organisation.

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Many years ago when deciding what to do with my life I decided to take a year out and volunteer looking after people with Multiple Sclerosis. It was this experience which galvanised within me the deep belief that everyone, regardless of ability, age and capacity deserves fundamental respect as another human being.

Andrew Glover

Chief of Retirement Living

Andrew is an innovative leader in the retirement living industry, dedicated to addressing the unique needs of residents. With extensive experience in customer service and operations, Andrew is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of Retirement Living at Respect. Andrew's true passion lies in improving the lives of seniors, and this fuels his commitment to excellence and shaping future direction.

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Respect is a fundamental value that involves treating others with dignity, consideration, and admiration. Respect is essential in fostering healthy relationships, promoting inclusivity, and establishing a harmonious village.

Lisa Brancatisano

Chief of Home Care

Lisa is responsible for the design and growth of Respect’s home care division. Lisa excels at developing and scaling home care services, creating high-performing teams, and delivering client-centric aged care services. Lisa has extensive experience in managing large-scale operations, having previously held the positions of Chief Operating Officer at KinCare and the myHomeCare Group prior to joining Respect.

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Respect is treating others kindly and understanding that everyone deserves to be valued and appreciated.

Simone Fletcher

Simone Fletcher

Chief People Officer

Simone, a seasoned People and Culture leader, recently joined Respect, bringing a wealth of experience from notable roles such as Head of Talent Acquisition Operations at JLL and Head of People and Culture at Coca-Cola Amatil. With a down-to-earth and approachable demeanor, Simone is known for her drive and effectiveness in fostering positive workplace environments. Simone has also successfully directed her own People and Culture consulting practice, showcasing her commitment to enhancing organisational dynamics.

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Respect to me involves recognising the inherent worth and dignity of others, treating them with genuine empathy, understanding, and acceptance. Ultimately, respect serves as a cornerstone for healthy relationships, cooperation, and societal harmony, laying the groundwork for meaningful interactions built on trust and integrity.

Michael Griffin

Chief Customer Officer

Bachelor of Business

Michael is responsible for driving the marketing strategy of the business, including everything from the research stage through to execution. His approach focuses on utilising data and customer insights to guide the marketing direction. He has a wide variety of experience in both traditional marketing communications and also digital marketing applications. Prior to joining Respect, Michael performed various marketing and business development roles with Federal Group and Fosters Group in Tasmania.

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Respect is earned through actions not words. It is something to be treasured as it often takes a lifetime to earn but can be lost in an instant.

Amy Sheahen

Chief Financial Officer

Bachelor of Commerce, CPA

Amy ensures compliance with financial legislative requirements, ensures the organisation is performing to budget and forecasts and performs numerous management accounting tasks for analysis and performance improvement. Previously Amy has worked in a number of accounting firms in general accounting and audit.

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Respect is understanding that we’re part of a wider community. When we feel we belong, treating each other with love and dignity comes easily. Because without care, there can be no community.

David Appleton

David Appleton

Chief Information Officer

David leads the technological directive at Respect. He drives the IT strategy to move Respect into the future in an ever changing environment. He is innovative and adaptable in his approach and has a proven record in managing a wide variety of projects across many businesses. Previously working in the corporate sector, he then moved on to support a well-known Tasmanian agriculture business. Prior to joining Respect, David managed a large team of technicians and engineers at a Hobart IT consultancy firm.

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Respect is one of the most important and fundamental values. To me, it means to care for and honour the people around you. To show true selflessness, and act with intention in providing respecful and dignified care for others.

Jocelyn Pagala

Jocelyn Pagala

Chief Quality and Risk Officer

Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

Jocelyn is responsible for consumer/client safety, risk management and quality improvement systems and processes at Respect. Jocelyn also assists management with accreditation under the relevant standards and promotes compliance with jurisdictional clinical-related policies and procedures. Prior to joining Respect, Jocelyn has worked in various clinical, management and operations roles within the Aged Care sector.

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Respect is appreciating and accepting people for who they are. We are all unique individuals – because of who we are, where we come from, what our beliefs are, and how we choose to live. But we all have value as human beings.

Natalie Smith

Integration & Transformation Manager

Natalie has extensive experience collaborating with various businesses, facilitating their growth through acquisition strategies. Her primary focus revolves around the seamless integration of newly acquired homes into the Respect family. She oversees the strategic planning, prioritisation, and execution of initiatives aimed at aligning acquired entities with Respect’s established culture and operational systems.

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Respect is embracing our differences by remaining curious, empathetic and kind.

Andrew Faltas

Andrew Faltas

Property & Development Manager

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Commerce

Andrew oversees all Property and Development activities within Respect. Prior to joining Respect, Andrew worked for several private sector and tertiary education organisations. With extensive experience in both project management and construction, he ensures projects are executed efficiently and effectively.

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Respect is valuing each others opinions, feelings and treating everyone with dignity, kindness and consideration.