Respect Residents Reaping the Benefits of Art Therapy

Alcheringa, Tyler Village, Woodhaven |

Residents enjoying the art of flower arranging at Alcheringa

Ongoing research continues to demonstrate the therapeutic benefits individuals experience when they engage in art programs and activities – with recent international news even reporting art therapy’s growing focus in hospital medicine programs. 

Research has long demonstrated art activities can reduce anxiety and stress, support mental health and wellbeing, and help build social connections with others. Additionally, participating in creative activities can help individuals express emotions, which can also lead to improved optimism and a boost in their body’s immune response.  

Further, recent evidence has suggested the inclusion of the arts in medicine is also linked to improved blood pressure and less pain and depression for some patients. Additionally, people who have experienced stroke have also reported improved balance and rhythm after taking part in music activities. 

Across Respect’s aged care homes, we believe that creating a robust calendar of art activities and programs go hand in hand with providing our residents with engagement, creative outlets, and opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing. And especially across the Winter months where colder weather and dark days can naturally impact mood, our social care teams have been focused on running a weekly roster of inclusive activities in all our homes, to support each of our residents. 

Recent activities have focused on a variety of mediums and forms of expression, but each has united residents and staff so they can uniquely exercise their creative talents. 

At Tyler Village in Prospect Vale, residents recently expressed their individuality by decorating distinctive bags and crafting hand-made cards to bring a smile to a loved one’s face. Our residents at Derwent Views in Lindisfarne were also keen to embark on a seasonal craft project, drawing on the fallen leaves from the home’s garden to create pieces of autumnal art to showcase in their communal areas.

Respect Residents Reaping the Benefits of Art Therapy

Across the Bass Strait, residents at Alcheringa in Swan Hill flexed their creative muscles through the art of flower arranging. Each bouquet was then placed around the home, brightening the day for everyone in their community.

In New South Wales, our residents at Cooinda in Lithgow have also been learning new skills, while expressing their creativity, through a host of activities from group knitting sessions to painting. And at Woodhaven in Lockhart NSW, residents collaborated with our staff to create a beautiful poem, to represent each of the wonderful characters and individuals that make up the home’s community. Each resident was invited to share two lines about themselves, and for those who were not able to participate, their fellow residents drafted heartfelt lines based on what they knew and cherished about their friends.

Across all our homes, Respect’s social care teams are committed to continuing to curate a wide range of events and activities to inspire participation, promote wellbeing, as well as connection with the local community. 

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