Cost of home care

Care at home fees are dependent upon the Home Care Package level of care you are assigned by the Australian Government. Your Respect Customer Relationship Consultant can assist you in choosing services to make the most out of your Home Care Package.

Package Management Fee

(per fortnight)

This fee covers administrative and staffing costs for the general management of your Home Care Package, such as induction, managing funds and training.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
$34.24 $60.24 $137.63 $208.65

Care Management Fee

(per fortnight)

This fee covers the management of your care, such as assessment, planning, facilitation and scheduling. 

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
$50.37 (1 Hour) $90.36 (2 Hours) $206.45 (3 Hours) $312.97 (4 Hours)

Respect Services

(per hour)

Support services are the same price no matter which Home Care Package level you are assigned. Hourly rates do vary for days and times outside of the Standard care days/hours, such as Sundays, After Hours and Public Holidays.

Standard Non-
Saturdays Sundays Public
Personal Care $67.61 $72.10 $87.74 $112.80 $137.87
Nursing $125.41 $130.18 $162.73 $209.22 $255.72
Domestic Assistance $59.97 $72.10 $87.74 $112.80 $137.87
Light Gardening (excluding rubbish removal fee) $67.61 - $100 $70.19 - $100 $87.74 -$100 $112.80 $137.87
In-Home Respite $67.61 $72.10 $87.74 $112.80 $137.87
Social Support $67.61 $72.10 $87.74 $112.80 $137.87

Maximum exit amount $500.

For transportation in a carer’s car to appointments or social activities, there is a charge of $1.30 per kilometre.

When you choose to receive services from a non-Respect provider, a Third Party Vendor Fee of 10% of said service costs and consumables will be assigned.

GST excluded.

A Respect Customer Relationship Consultant can help you with your means assessment form. Contact us to get started or visit MyAgedCare.

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