RM Begg Joins Respect Following Positive Community Consultation

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RM Begg Aged Care

Kyneton’s community-owned RM Begg aged care home in Victoria will officially join Respect, following a successful and inclusive consultation period with the local community. 

Last month, the Kyneton community was informed of the RM Begg Board’s intentions to merge with our growing not-for-profit organisation. The Board said the move would secure the home’s future as the provider of choice for the community, amidst the harsh operating environment currently impacting regional aged care. 

To finalise this important step forward, they invited a wide cross-section of Kyneton stakeholders to attend consultation meetings to share their perspective and learn more about Respect and its plans for the home’s future.  

And following a successful consultation period, the Kyneton community has united to determine the future direction of the home – voicing their approval to amalgamate with our organisation. 

Jason Binder, Respect’s Managing Director and CEO, called the decision a positive one that would ensure the home’s support for residents and their families could continue for generations to come. 

“As a not-for-profit organisation, we’ve been growing steadily throughout the past decade and have become known for our ability to make aged care homes thrive while investing back into the home and community,” he said.  

“Across each of our mergers, we recognise we’re temporary custodians of our homes and always ensure the history, name, and all the work which has gone into these community assets is respected. We’re excited to continue RM Begg’s collaborative culture of support for residents, their families, and the wider community. 

Mr Binder said he enjoyed meeting with the community across recent consultations, including staff, residents and their families, as well as local supporters. 

“The most pleasing thing about the consultation meetings was being able to engage so many from the local community and put them at the very centre of the decision-making process,” he said.  

“It’s testament to what RM Begg has come to represent for Kyneton. First and foremost is the service provided to residents, and we recognise the important role that the home has played for so many families across the community. 

“We’re committed to continuing that culture of care and respect, and we look forward to ensuring RM Begg remains a wonderful place for our residents to live.”

RM Begg will be the 21st aged care home to join Respect, a 100-year-old organisation dedicated to serving older people across Australia, through its high standard of care and community involvement. 

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