Victoria’s RM Begg Aged Care Home Looking to Join Respect

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RM Begg Aged Care

Kyneton’s community-owned RM Begg aged care home – located in regional Victoria – is preparing to join the Respect family. 

Residents and staff have this week been informed of the Board’s intentions to merge RM Begg with Respect, consequently becoming the latest home to join the national aged care provider’s growing network across the country.  

In a letter to the RM Begg community, Board Chair Phillip Irvine explained that the home’s Board had spent the last 18 months investigating potential aged care providers who could steer the organisation forward in a sustainable way.  

“Under Respect, we not only believe RM Begg will be better placed to meet the enormous challenges which continue to impact the industry, but also develop and thrive – ensuring our home is the aged care provider of choice for the Kyneton community,” Mr Irvine said.  

As part of the process to prepare for merger, the RM Begg Board has sought to engage a cross-section of stakeholders from its local community. A consultation meeting will be held next week where members of the Kyneton community will be given an opportunity to understand the Board’s decision-making, share their perspective, and learn more about Respect and its plans for RM Begg’s future. 

Jason Binder, Managing Director and CEO of Respect, called the potential move an immensely positive step forward for the Kyneton community and one that would ensure the home’s service and support for residents and their families could continue for generations to come. 

“As a national organisation with a regional focus, we pride ourselves on our approach to community engagement,” Mr Binder said. “We recognise the unique, longstanding role that RM Begg has played for the Kyneton community, including from a historical standpoint, and we’re delighted to be able to engage with the local community so that they too can play a vital role in helping direct this really exciting step forward. 

“Across each of our mergers, we recognise we’re temporary custodians of our homes and always ensure the history, name, and all the work which has gone into these community assets is respected. We consider ourselves fortunate to operate them in our communities, and without the tireless work and dedication of those before us, we wouldn’t be in the position we are able to care for so many older people.” 

RM Begg would become the 21st aged care home to join Respect, a 100-year-old organisation dedicated to serving older people across Australia, through its high standard of care and community involvement. 

Respect has grown significantly throughout its history, particularly in the last decade to include 20 homes across Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. Respect also has home care services in multiple states, and more than 700 units in different retirement villages and independent living communities. 

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