Special Celebrations Across Respect Mark International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day 2024 |

International Nurses Day

Sunday 12 May marked International Nurses Day and to celebrate, Respect’s network of aged care homes united to pay special tribute to an ever-present, beloved, and crucial part of our communities.  

Nurses play a significant role in aged care and are instrumental in enhancing the quality of life of older Australians. They represent the cornerstone of our homes, providing holistic care and ensuring residents’ physical, emotional and social needs are met. This includes managing chronic conditions, administering medications, coordinating individual care plans, and generally fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment. 

Beyond aged care homes, nurses also extend their support to home care services and community-based care, enabling older people to age in place with dignity and independence. This includes offering essential services such as health assessments, injury and wound care, medication management, and health education, promoting optimal health outcomes for those receiving care in their own homes. 

It has been said that nursing is not just a job, but a profession that requires empathy, resilience, understanding and deep sense of responsibility. And the efforts of our Respect staff, providing ongoing compassionate care to our residents and clients, throughout our aged care homes as well as our home care services, do not go unnoticed – by the community as well as their colleagues across our organisation. 

Their tireless efforts, clinical expertise and ongoing kindness and dedication help make us all proud and ensure our communities remain such special places for our residents, clients, and all their families. 

So, to celebrate our wonderful nurses this year, we wanted to do something extra special and invited several of our people to share their own personal messages of thanks. From our Managing Director and CEO Jason Binder and our Chief of Residential Aged Care Brett Menzies, to cherished residents across our TAS, VIC and NSW homes, everyone wanted to pay tribute to those who continue to have such a profound impact on the lives of others. 

Click HERE or the link below to watch this year’s video messages.

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