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Respect Reed Estate in Prospect Vale

Last year Respect was proud to officially unveil their flagship new build Reed Estate – an independent retirement community built from the bottom-up with the interests and preferences of residents and the wider community in mind.

Located in the heart of Prospect Vale on the south-western side of Launceston, Tasmania, Reed Estate was purpose built for comfortable retirement living. Community interest was immediate, with our team delighted to welcome excited residents to the new community upon its launch.  

At the time, Reed Estate’s growth and development was continuing, and now Respect is excited to announce more state-of-the-art units are up for sale, meaning we can welcome even more locals and their loved ones as part of our vibrant and inclusive community.  

Danni Butwell, Respect’s Retirement Village Manager for Northern Tasmania, says from the very first resident moving in to now, it has been an extremely memorable experience for both Respect and the Reed Estate community, with many more exciting milestones set for 2024.  

“To see Reed Estate grow in front of our very eyes, from its initial concept to what it has become today, has been so rewarding,” she says. “Our residents are relishing the lifestyle Reed Estate affords them and enjoying the unique opportunity to build a community from the ground up.  

“The journey has been terrific, and I personally am excited to see Reed Estate flourish as our village really has set the benchmark for Retirement Living in Northern Tasmania.”  

Danni says that one of the most positive highlights of recent weeks and months has been the shared community spirit displayed by Reed Estate residents, with many actively helping to promote the village across their own personal networks and further, throughout the wider community.  

“It’s been so wonderful to see residents completely buy into, and drive, the strong community feeling present at Reed Estate. They are actively helping to market and promote the community to others across the region,” Danni says.  

“How great is it to have our residents act as champions and such strong advocates. It speaks volumes about their own early experiences with Reed Estate. They feel at home here and want others to join them and contribute to such a growing and vibrant community.” Reed Estate will be holding an open day on Saturday 25 May 2024 from 10am to engage the local Launceston community and showcase several of the unit options.  

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