History of Woodhaven1990

When the Lockhart and District Aged Care Association was first established the catchphrase was “Geriatric Care was something that was really required in Lockhart.” This was the motivation behind the fundraising activities which occurred over many years such as Doc Saggers and his woodchoppers, the Apex Rodeos, the Country Music Festivals and many other fundraising initiatives in which the community put an enormous effort into supporting the “geriatric care” idea.

  • The important aspect of the development in so far as the government was concerned was that the main meals and the laundry facilities would be outsourced and in this case, through the local hospital.
  • On 28th September 1986, the Association received a letter from the Department of Community Services to the effect that a grant of $265,440 (eventually increased to $299,000) had been allocated to the 12 bed hostel at Lockhart. The perseverance of the Association meant that its dream of establishing a hostel in Lockhart could become a reality with the government funding announced. This was also the first grant ever given for the establishment of a small hostel.
  • The Association was delighted to have the grant but at that point in time didn’t have a site of establishment for the hostel. Further the Association did not have all the necessary funds in hand to be able to complete the hostel project. What followed was a very busy time for the Association in negotiating and obtaining the site for the hostel and also fundraising activities. A Public Appeal raised $133,765 of which the Lockhart Shire Council contributed $40,000. The Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution supported the appeal with a further $60,000. The overall funds put into aged care by Doc Saggers and his woodchoppers was close to $150,000.
  • The contract for the building of the 12 unit hostel was signed on 30th November 1988 and Tim Fischer MP performed the official opening on the 25th March 1990. The hostel was fully occupied four months after opening and maintained full occupancy, proving that Lockhart really did need hostel facilities.
  • The Association felt that there was a need for expansion and on the 24th April 2002 signed a contract to build a further 10 hostel units at a cost of sum $770,000. The building works were duly completed and officially opened on 11 October by the Honourable Bronwyn Bishop, Minister for the Aged.
  • In the new facility one unit was set aside for permanent respite and the other 9 rooms quickly became occupied. It is important to recognise that the establishment of Woodhaven facility not only provides an excellent facility for our senior citizens but it also provides employment opportunities for other members of our community. The supervisors and staff are very committed to the caring role and continued success of Woodhaven is largely due to their dedication.
  • In July 2020 Woodhaven became part of Respect, with a commitment to proceed with a $4 million new development at the facility, which will increase its capacity from 23 to 32 rooms, ensuring the service’s long-term viability.