Tongala Comes Together to Celebrate Recent Renovations

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Tongala Memorial Renovation Celebrations

Our staff and residents at Tongala Memorial last week opened its doors to the community to celebrate a brand-new look for the beloved home.

The special afternoon tea commemorated the end of significant renovations at the home, and – according to General Manager Vikki Ough – represented a “fantastic opportunity to celebrate an updated Tongala Memorial for us all”.   

“The afternoon tea was a lovely opportunity to come together and officially share our ‘new look’ with the community… demonstrating how Tongala Memorial’s shared spaces have been improved, and the flow-on impacts for our residents and their quality of life.”  

Renovations of Tongala Memorial included significant improvements across several of its wings, including its Memory Support Unit as well as various shared and communal spaces. This included refreshed resident rooms; major upgrades to kitchen and dining facilities; brand-new furniture, flooring and modern equipment installed throughout the home and its gardens; and the unveiling of a modern hairdressing salon. 

During the morning tea, stories were shared about the impact of the renovations. Residents spoke about the improved comfort, and staff members expressed how the new environment has positively affected their work. The afternoon was filled with warmth and camaraderie, underscoring the strong community spirit that Tongala Memorial embodies.  

While Respect is proud to have invested in the community through the home’s upgrade, renovations were also supported by the community. Most notably, this includes the immense generosity of Neil and Mavis Grummitt, whose gift of $300,000 in 2022 provided in-part support of our home’s redevelopment, and continued the couple’s great philanthropic impact across the Goulbourn Valley in regional Victoria. 

Mavis Grummitt, who spoke with us last month, says her and her late husband Neil’s support of Tongala Memorial continued their family’s long association with the home, as well as their legacy of community-minded generosity, of which she is so proud. 

“Charlie Grummitt, my late husband Neil’s father, set the example for the family to donate to the local community. One of his responses was to support Tongala Memorial and following this, they named one of their wings ‘Ruby’ after his wife [who was a former resident],” Mavis said. 

“Often country areas miss out on support that is needed and we felt we could assist those that need it most, not far from where we lived. Tongala Memorial was one we felt needed financial support to help our aged population locally.  

“It gives great satisfaction to hear of improvements that have been made as a result. We trust that others will be able to assist in future years, be it a large or small amount, as improvements are always an ongoing need.” 

Our CEO Jason Binder shared his thanks for the Grummitt family for their ongoing connection to, and support of, Tongala Memorial: 

“As a not-for-profit organisation with a proud history, Respect owes a great deal of gratitude to the generosity of our supporters, patrons and friends who continue to be there for us. In particular, as a result of their extraordinary altruism and philanthropic spirit, the Grummitt family has positively impacted the lives of our residents and their families. For that, we thank them.” 

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