Terrapin Puppet Theatre Visits Wellington Views

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Terrapin Puppet Theatre Visits Wellington Views

Our residents at Wellington Views in Old Beach were recently pleased to welcome a truly memorable cast of characters from Terrapin Puppet Theatre, as they enjoyed taking part in their immersive puppetry experience.

Designed to encourage engagement and connection through a unique approach to art therapy, the Terrapin program – named ‘Forever Young‘ – aims to capture the essence of family, conjure positive memories, and build shared experiences amongst participants.

Over the last couple of years, in particular, Terrapin has been working with aged care facilities across Tasmania to specifically explore the therapeutic benefits of puppetry for residents living with dementia.

It has been reported that puppetry is effective for people living with dementia because it creates a non-confrontational safe space where participants are put at ease, especially those who may struggle to articulate their experiences and feelings.

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Adam Parker, General Manager at Wellington Views, says feedback from residents, following the visit from Terrapin Theatre, has been glowing.

“Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were grateful to meet and spend the morning with the Terrapin team,” Adam says. “While the program has shown positive outcomes for people living with dementia, it was also enjoyed generally by all our residents who took part. The Terrapin team created a fun and inclusive atmosphere and it was great to see our residents interact so openly with the artists and characters.

“Definitely a memorable experience for all involved.”

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