Respect’s Retirement Community Bonds Over Lunch & Learn Home Care Sessions

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Did you know that more older Australians are turning to home care to support their ongoing health and wellbeing needs than ever before?  

With home care also representing such a tremendous area of growth for Respect – across 2023 as well as in the future – two of our teams recently enjoyed combining to host a series of information sessions for residents of our North and South Tasmanian retirement villages. 

Shared over morning and afternoon tea, the sessions were a chance for our retirement living residents to learn more about the home care opportunities available to them, as well hear about Respect’s continued commitment to support them with their health and care needs. 

For team members in our home care and retirement living teams, the sessions provided the perfect backdrop for cross-team collaboration, all in an effort to engage our residents and introduce them to the world of home care, including how to apply for a home care package and access the broad range of care services currently available through Respect. 

Home Care Info Sessions

Maya Cuatt, our Retirement Living Manager in Southern Tasmania, helped organise the sessions, which were led by Lisa Brancatisano, Respect’s Chief of Home Care.  

“The sessions went very well, and the feedback from the residents who attended has been positive,” Maya says. “Everyone enjoyed the presentation and appreciated the opportunity to meet some of the community team members they had not met before.

As part of the series of meetings, two further home care sessions were also held for residents of our Northern Villages, thanks to the great support of Danni Butwell, Respect’s Retirement Village in Northern Tasmania.

Lisa says she also considered the sessions a great success, noting she was impressed by the level of engagement displayed by residents as well as the thoughtful questions raised. 

“It was fantastic to be able to meet with our residents and highlight the vast array of home care services available to them, with the emphasis of keeping residents independent within their own homes,” she says. “It’s also pleasing to hear that the sessions received a wonderful response from those who attended, and the noted success was evident with the team already engaging with over 20 residents, following the sessions, to assist them to access home care funding. 

“Endeavours like this are so important in a growing organisation. Not only because it brought two teams together for some great collaboration, but it enabled us to spread the word around home care and further build trust with members of our Respect community.  I look forward to embedding partnerships and future activities across the retirement living and home care divisions.” 

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