Respect Launches More Opportunities for Feedback

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Respect Launches More Opportunities for Feedback

At Respect, we are committed to ensuring everyone in our community – including our staff, residents, clients, as well as their loved ones – has an active voice and are represented in the operations of our organisation as well as our future decision-making. 

As part of our commitment to quality and improvement, we are pleased to announce the recent establishment of two new bodies designed to seek and engage with our people’s diverse insights and perspectives, and enact positive, meaningful change. 

We recently formed our inaugural Consumer Advisory Body, another way we are partnering with our residents and clients to ensure we are listening to, and acting on, their feedback. 

The purpose of the body is to provide Respect’s Board with direct insights, comments, and assessments regarding our organisation’s quality of care and services. Through meetings and surveys, members representing individuals receiving care in our communities are invited to share ideas and opinions on items such as the quality and range of our services, the technology we use, how we communicate and share resources, areas of improvement and issues of concern. 

Respect is committed to listening to, and considering, all feedback provided by the Consumer Advisory Group. Feedback will be received via meetings or surveys and reported back to members on the outcomes and what we, as an organisation, are doing with the suggestions made. 

Moving forward there will also be more opportunities for residents and clients to formally get involved. While places may be limited, every 12 months we will write to all our care recipients and their representatives to again seek their interest in participating.  

Respect also recently established another body – the Quality Care Advisory Body – which will play a similarly crucial role in drawing on stakeholder feedback to improve our care services. The function of the group, which includes several staff representatives and an external consultant, is to support and inform our Executive team to improve leadership, culture and increase transparency and accountability across our aged care and home care services. It will achieve this by providing key recommendations around risk management and mitigation as well as best practice quality improvement ideas.

For 100 years, Respect has been proudly serving older Australians through our high standard of care and community involvement, and we are passionate about inviting feedback and initiating meaningful change to continuously improve the quality of our care. If you have any comments about our operations, including positive feedback and compliments for us to share with our team, you can submit them electronically at or via our ‘Care to Comment – Residential Aged Care’ or Care to Comment – Home Care

For those interested and able, we also encourage you to consider sharing positive reviews on Respect’s Facebook pages as well as the respective Google Business pages for each of our homes.

Alternatively, you can submit any written feedback in hard copy form by handing to one of our home’s General Managers or administration teams. 

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