Residents of Eliza Purton Home Enjoy a Fun-filled fishing trip

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Residents of Eliza Purton Home Enjoy a Fun-filled fishing trip

Our residents at Eliza Purton in Ulverstone recently enjoyed a day out to Natone Hills Fly Fishery, spending some quality time with each other while engaging in some ‘reel sport’. And luck was on their side, with every participant catching a fish.

Karen Alderson, Social Care Coordinator at Eliza Purton, said the home’s maiden fishing trip first came about after she discovered it had been a shared, past interest amongst both male and female residents.

After researching potential locations and conducting a risk assessment, Karen was fortunate to have been donated some fishing gear from her father-in-law.

“When I brought them into the facility and the residents saw them, it was like bees to a honey pot! They were quick to put them all into order and set them up,” Karen says. “Then, once the event was placed on the calendar, it was like the lead up to Christmas! The talk around the facility was nothing but the up-and-coming fishing trip.”

Following a successful day out, feedback from all involved has been extremely positive.

“For the residents, it was about getting out of the facility and doing something that they enjoyed as a kid and an adult… something that most had thought they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do again,” she says.

“On the day, one of the residents said to me as I walked past, ‘You have made my year’. I told him he hadn’t caught a fish yet, for him to reply, ‘I don’t care now’, as he sat back in his chair, held his rod and looked out towards a cow-filled paddock.”

Karen says it was interesting that even residents who didn’t attend the fishing trip were excited to hear from others about their experience, and contribute to the excited vibe in the home.

“On return to the facility everyone wanted to know how the day went and check out the fish. The facility was buzzing with fishing tales for the next two weeks!” she says. “Those that didn’t go wanted to know all about it and check out the photos.”

Due to the success of the day, and widespread interest across the home, another fishing trip is being planned before the start of Winter.

“Because of the ground’s unevenness around the dam, this location was not ideal for those with limited mobility. So in order to make it a more inclusive excursion, we’re going to an area near the Leven River at high tide so that those who can’t fish or don’t want to, can still be included in other activities, as we are having a BBQ lunch at the same place.”

Initially opened in 1964, Eliza Purton was Respect’s first aged care home. You can learn more about Eliza Purton’s growth and history here.

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