Furthering the Respect Way

The Respect Way

The Respect Way Lean Leadership initiative is an exciting new personal development program empowering our team members to recognise opportunities for improvement and supporting them with the necessary tools to solve problems and continuously improve. 

With the program continuing to grow, Respect’s Executive team recently enjoyed the opportunity to experience its unique approach to appraising challenges, defining solutions, and leading positive change. 

Led by Ana Van Der Merwe, Respect’s Continuous Improvement Lead, the workshop asked Respect’s Executive team members to reflect on what ‘true value’ means for our residents and clients across the breadth of our aged care, retirement living and home care services. Participants then reflected on how Respect, as an organisation, can develop and foster a culture of continuously improving this resident and client experience by increasing – and improving – the support and services we offer them.

Respect CEO Jason Binder said the session was an opportunity for Executive team members to get a first-hand insight into the Respect Way approach to recognising areas for improvement, increasing operational efficiency, and leading innovation. 

“As an organisation, we’re committed to driving innovation across all arms of our care. It’s one of our core values and we’re excited by what the Respect Way represents for our staff members moving forward,” he says. 

“It really puts them at the very heart of the problem-solving process, whenever challenges arise. It’s about listening to and empowering those working on the ground and linking them with the right tools and strategies to face these challenges head-on, and develop and enact meaningful change. 

“At the end of the day, it’s about continuously improving and progressing the care and support we provide our residents and clients… ensuring that Respect and our teams continue to lead the way.” 

As a proud not-for-profit organisation since 1922, Respect has been serving the senior community through our high standard of care and community for more than a century. And with Respect Way Lean Leadership continuing to grow, and supporting more staff members to develop best-practice strategies and solutions, we’re committed to ensuring we provide the best care to the older Australians we support – now and in the future. 

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