Through EDIE’s Eyes

Mt St Vincent |

Dementia training at Respect

Did you know that many people living with dementia will also experience visual impairment? This is because of the disease’s unique effect on the brain – and as a result, it can impact a person’s depth perception, object recognition, peripheral vision and colour differentiation.

To better understand these challenges, our team members from Mt St Vincent in Ulverstone took part in a unique virtual reality training program designed to offer new insights into what it feels like to live with dementia.

Run by Dementia Australia, Enabling Edie (Educational Dementia Immersive Experience) is an immersive workshop that gives participants the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a person experiencing dementia, nicknamed ‘Edie’.

Mt St Vincent staff members – working across all areas of the home – participated in the session, each taking turns to don the virtual reality headset to spend some time living life through Edie’s eyes and experiencing the visual challenges encountered on a daily basis.

Dementia training at Respect

With Mt St Vincent currently caring for a number of people living with dementia, including those residing in its 12-bed memory unit, staff members found the training extremely insightful. The experience further increased the team’s level of understanding of the care needs of people living with dementia, and participants said it would further motivate them to provide the best possible service and support for all residents, so they can live more comfortably and confidently.

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