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RM Begg Auxiliary Group

In the heart of the Kyneton community, a remarkable group of individuals has been quietly making a huge difference to the lives of our residents at RM Begg, and their passion and commitment continues to inspire positive change today.

Led by its President Rosemary Bain, the RM Begg Auxiliary Group consists of 20 dedicated members, each drawn together with a common purpose: to raise funds and provide support for the home’s residents.

For many years, the group’s long history of fundraising efforts has helped enhance the home’s shared and personal living spaces, as well as assisted the support provided to residents through the provision of much-needed equipment and care items. Put simply – their altruism has ensured RM Beggs residents can enjoy the twilight of their lives in a place of comfort, care and respect. 

Last financial year, the group achieved a significant milestone by raising $30,000. They accomplished this feat through various means, including selling baked goods, crafts created with love and care, and donated goods at several community fairs and fundraising events. Especially considering RM Begg’s strong community affiliation and ongoing tradition, the group’s efforts not only raised much-needed funds but united so many across Kyneton in support of their much-loved, historic home. 

The RM Begg Auxiliary Group hold regular gatherings at Bolton Hall, an iconic building located just across the road from the home. This venue has become a hub of activity and goodwill, where ideas are exchanged, initiatives are planned, and hearts are warmed. It’s here that the group’s members collaborate, organise events, and share their connection with RM Begg, its residents, and the wider Kyneton community. 

Recently, RM Begg merged with Respect, following a successful and inclusive consultation period with the local community. This amalgamation has brought about exciting changes and opportunities, as Respect looks to ensure the home continues to be a wonderful place for residents to live. One of the most significant developments relevant to the Auxiliary are the proposed improvements to the facilities at Bolton Hall. 

Recently, Deb Cutts, Respect’s Head of Philanthropy, met with the RM Begg Auxiliary Group at Bolton Hall to gain a further understanding of their amazing work and discuss how Respect can support their generous, ongoing work. 

“At Respect, so many of our homes have a proud history of philanthropy, and we owe such a tremendous amount of gratitude to the generosity of all our supporters and patrons who continue to support our vital work,” Ms Cutts said. 

“The Auxiliary Group at RM Begg has been so pivotal in ensuring residents are able to enjoy a great quality of life at our home, and Respect is looking forward to supporting their ongoing fundraising efforts – so they can continue to make such a big difference to the Kyneton community. 

“All money raised at RM Begg will be used to improve the lives of residents at the home. It is so important to spend the money in the community in which it was raised.” 

RM Begg Auxiliary Group is a shining example of the power of community connection and collective altruism. Their commitment to making RM Begg an even better place for residents is stronger than ever, and they look forward to continuing to collaborate with Respect to turn their shared vision into reality. 

The Kyneton community are fortunate to have such a remarkable group of individuals working towards improving aged care across the region, for generations to come. 

RM Begg was the 21st aged care home to join Respect, a 100-year-old organisation dedicated to serving older people across Australia, through its high standard of care and community involvement.

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