A special Mother’s Day celebration at Woodhaven

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Mother's day 2023 at Woodhaven

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, our residents and staff at Woodhaven in Lockhart, NSW, enjoyed coming together and taking part in a very special project of thanks and recognition.  

Our Woodhaven community decided to do something particularly special this year to honour the mothers across our home, by helping them create uniquely memorable gifts for their families.  

Staff contacted family members for each resident and asked them to provide a photo of their mum when they were younger. Then, each resident was given a special makeover by Ruby in the home’s administration team as well as visiting local hairdresser, Della. 

Participating residents then took great delight proudly posing with the pictures of their ‘younger selves’, as Woodhaven General Manager Lisa Krebser snapped each of their photos – which she said was a great honour. 

The end result was a beautiful collection of portraits, which will stand in time as wonderful mementoes of another fantastic Mother’s Day celebration at Woodhaven. And, above all, everyone who took part was eagerly looking forward to sharing the portraits with their loved ones. 

General Manager Lisa Krebser said the project as a huge success, citing the tremendously positive feedback of residents and their families. 

“It was so heart-warming to see the joy this project brought to our residents and their families,” she said. “Our team received the most beautiful reactions from our community, and it has opened up plenty more positive communication between staff, residents and their families. It has also given visitors a way to engage and has encouraged some amazing conversations.”

Mother's day 2023 at Woodhaven
Woodhaven residents taking delight in posing with their portraits on Mother’s Day 2023.


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