Royal Freemasons Aged Care Communities in Moe and Sale Set to Join the Respect Family

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Royal Freemasons Aged Care Communities in Moe and Sale Join the Respect Family

Respect is excited to welcome two Victorian homes currently managed by Royal Freemasons – in Moe and Sale, respectively – to our growing network of aged care communities across the country.

Royal Freemasons yesterday announced they will transfer the two regional homes to our 100-year-old, not-for-profit organisation following a recent strategic decision to rescale its operations. It is expected that the ownership of the pair of communities will be officially transferred to Respect in coming months. 

Craig Head, Royal Freemasons Board Chair, said: “While we are sad to be saying goodbye to our Moe and Sale communities, we are confident that under Respect’s ownership and management, residents will continue to receive expert care and our staff will continue to work in a supportive environment.” 

Jason Binder, Respect’s Managing Director and CEO, said the decision would secure both homes’ long-term futures and ensure their service and support for local families across Moe and Sale continues for generations to come. 

“Respect looks forward to welcoming residents, families, and staff into a national organisation that has a strong reputation for compassion and a significant track record in delivering quality service and support to older people,” Jason said. 

“We’re excited that we have been given the opportunity and privilege to care for the older people of Sale and Moe, and we look forward to demonstrating the genuine and outstanding care we provide.” 

The news continues a memorable start to the year for Respect, with our organisation this week also officially welcoming another regional Victorian home – Lara’s Costa House – to our aged care family following months of positive collaboration with staff from the 120-bed home as well as local community. 

Jason said that while Respect’s ongoing growth continues to signal positive news for our organisation, he is most pleased by the fact that our core mission and values continue to sit front and centre of our expansion. 

“Whether it’s across our aged care homes, retirement living villages, or in the support we provide older Australians through home care, we pride ourselves on the connections we build between staff, residents and clients, as well as our relationship with the wider community,” Mr Binder said. 

“We have a strong belief in creating homes that empower older people to live with meaning and purpose, and part of that is making sure we embed our homes in the community and build strong local connections.  

“That’s what Respect is about and has been for a century: giving back to older Australians by fostering communities of belonging.” 

The two homes will be the 23rd and 24th aged care homes to join Respect, our 100-year-old organisation dedicated to serving older people across Australia through its high standard of care and community involvement. 

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