Respect Draws on Community Feedback to Unveil New Home Names 

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Respect draws on community feedback to unveil new home names  (1)

Following extensive community consultation and a public vote, Respect is delighted to announce new names for the two homes most recently welcomed into our national network of aged care communities. 

Freemasons Sale will now be called Wattleglen; and Freemasons Moe will be called Baw Baw Views. 

The anticipated announcement aligns with each home’s official transfer into our not-for-profit organisation, which formally took place today following months of collaboration between Respect and Royal Freemasons. The resulting mergers will ensure Wattleglen and Baw Baw Views’ support for local families in Sale and Moe can continue for generations to come. 

As part of this process, last month Respect reached out to both home’s staff, residents, as well as the local communities more broadly, seeking nominations and input around prospectively updating each home’s name. 

And following a widespread and popular public response, Jason Binder, Managing Director and CEO of Respect, said the new names not only signal an exciting new chapter for each home, but also acknowledge the homes’ ongoing connection with the surrounding regions. 

“We reached out to everyone across both communities because we really wanted to ensure they were front and centre of the decision-making process and in control of leading any change,” Mr Binder said.  

“With this in mind, we encouraged name suggestions from staff, residents and the public that spoke to the homes’ unique characters and culture, as well as their connection to Sale and Moe. We then called on everyone again to have their say through an online survey.” 

Owing to Royal Freemasons Moe’s proximity to Mount Baw Baw, ‘Baw Baw Views’ was nominated multiple times amidst the hundreds of suggestions received. And, when presented to the public in a survey featuring several other nominations, the moniker proved a supremely popular choice, with two thirds of all respondents giving their nod of approval for Baw Baw Views to be installed as the home’s new name. 

For Royal Freemasons Sale, nature also proved the source of inspiration. Our nation’s floral emblem, wattles lend beauty to countless areas across regional Victoria, so ‘Wattleglen’ was a fantastic nomination for the picturesque home. Not only did it garner the most survey votes, but more than 40 per cent of the home’s current residents picked it as their preferred option. 

As part of the re-naming process for each home, Respect was also offering a special prize to the first individual to suggest the name eventually chosen by the public as the winning nomination. This was in the form of a $2,500 cash prize as well as a $2,500 donation to a local charity of their choice. The 100-year-old aged care provider is looking forward to contacting the winners in coming days and celebrating their creativity. 

Following the renaming process of both homes, as well as today’s official transfer, Mr Binder welcomed staff members, residents and their families to Respect, calling the merger a major step forward for local aged care services in Sale and Moe. 

“Regardless of their new names, we appreciate what each home means to our residents and staff, as well as so many families across Sale, Moe and beyond. First and foremost is the service provided to older people, and we recognise the important roles that both homes play for so many locals in the community.  

“We’re committed to continuing that culture of care and respect, and we look forward to ensuring Wattleglen and Baw Baw Views remain wonderful places for our residents to live.”

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