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Is Voluntary Assisted Dying permitted at Respect homes?

Voluntary Assisted Dying

What is Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD)?

Voluntary assisted dying means a person in the late stages of advanced disease can take a medication prescribed by a doctor that will bring about their death at a time they choose. Only people who meet the requirements and follow the steps set out in the law can access voluntary assisted dying.

Very strict rules apply to the process of VAD. While we respect a person’s choice to participate in this process, we must take care to ensure that we are operating within the law and within the determined Respect policies.

VAD is permitted at Respect homes providing that Respect staff are not directly involved in the process i.e. they will continue to provide care and support to the person to meet their other needs. Reasonable access will be provided to other health practitioners to allow them to manage the VAD process. People wishing to explore VAD are encouraged to make the General Manager/Care Manager aware of their interest.

New South Wales

  • Respect staff will provide information to any who request it to the extent that they will encourage them to seek the information from their general practitioner on both treatment options – palliative care and the VAD process.  Alternatively they can refer the person to the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Care Navigator Service (VAD-CNS). This service can be contacted during business hours on 1300 802 133 or by email at
  • VAD substances are not permitted to be stored on site at NSW Respect homes. Arrangements can be made for your Administering Practitioner or appointed Contact Person to provide the substance when required.  Each of these roles has specific legal responsibilities which will be fully explained to them.
  • Respect staff cannot act as a legal witness if the substance is administered by an Administering Practitioner.


  • Respect staff will refer any enquiries to the person’s General Practitioner. If preferred the person can be referred to the VAD Navigation Service. This service can be contacted by calling 1800 568 956 or by emailing:
  • Storage of VAD substances is to be discussed with the General Manager of the home.

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