Decision Making

How do you know when someone is ready for aged care?

This is a personal decision. Sometimes a preceding event, like a fall, loss of spouse, or a health issue, will spur the conversation about moving into an aged care home. Perhaps you’ve noticed that you or your loved one is becoming increasingly forgetful, which leads to worry about safety at home. These are moments that typically drive the conversation. 

The discussion about moving into aged care is not always an easy talk to have, as older individuals may feel like they’re being forced from their home. They may also fear a loss of independence. Conversely, a partner, adult children or other loved ones may want to drop the subject as feelings of guilt and sadness creep in. Take heart that once the conversation begins, it gets easier.

One way to move the conversation along constructively is to speak with one of our representatives or take a tour of the Respect aged care home of your choice. Most times, seeing a place firsthand and speaking to staff and residents makes a world of difference.

During a tour, you’ll see that residents feel right at home. You’ll all gain peace of mind knowing that we provide a safe environment surrounded by friendly staff. Residents come and go as they please, barring any safety concerns, and there’s always something to do. Here’s an unexpected benefit: after settling in, most older adults feel like a weight has been lifted. They become even more independent and confident in their surroundings.

You’ll be happy to know that all Respect homes have an open-door policy when it comes to visitation. We welcome visitors any day, any time. Plus, you may schedule a virtual video chat whenever you like. If a resident needs help with the technology, a staff member will assist to ensure a successful connection.

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