Day in a Life

What does a typical day or week in a Respect aged care home look like?


Each resident’s likes and interests vary, that’s why our social calendars are filled with something engaging for everyone all week long. Bingo, card games, special events like birthday celebrations are always a fun time. Our residents really enjoy taking in a show, so we frequently bring in entertainers and local groups who provide singing, dancing and comedy. It’s not unusual for a joyful sing-along to break out.

We’ve asked one of our residents to give you a glimpse into what it’s like living in a Respect aged care home.


Beryl, aged 83

When I worked, I didn’t like Mondays much, but now, I look forward to them! I started the morning with a good, hearty breakfast. I really like the food here. I didn’t think I would because I’m a good cook myself. But these chefs do a very good job. After we ate, we enjoyed an art project. I’ve always loved colouring with pencils, so that’s my favourite. I take it pretty easy Mondays. I decided to take a nap after lunch then I went for a walk. The views here are gorgeous! I always look forward to dinnertime. I have such lovely conversations with my friends. Before I knew it, it was time to retire.

This Tuesday, I had a cooking class. So much fun but to tell you the truth, I think I can teach a class or two! I loved to measure and stir the ingredients and see what everyone is making. Later, after dinner, me and the girls played a card game. We do it every Tuesday night like clockwork. One of us always wins. Irene is the luckiest, I think. But I get one over on her sometimes.

Wednesdays are for wellness. That’s what I always say because it’s the day I see my nurse and make sure things are running right. I sometimes need a specialist and they come right here to us. Such a relief since I don’t drive, and I don’t want to bother my daughter with taking me. She has her own family to look after. Moving here was the best decision I made.

Thursday, we took a bus trip to get a little shopping in. It’s nice to go in groups because there’s always something to chat about on the bus. I picked up a few fun toys for my grandchildren. They’ll be coming to visit me this weekend. After we got back from shopping, it was time for supper. They made my favourite – lemon chicken. It’s so good, it reminds me of the lemon chicken at the Chinese restaurant me and my Reg used to go to. Well, after, it was a full belly and a good book for me.

Friday is quiz day. My memory may not be the best some days, but I did pretty well for an old girl. We also had Marv’s birthday to celebrate. Oh, I love the celebrations here. I wanted to fix myself up beforehand and well, I do need help getting dressed and fixing my hair, so Grace came in to help me out. We always have a good laugh together. She never makes me feel embarrassed when I can’t do something for myself. My arm was a little sore, so she combed my hair for me and she thought to put a barrette in it. I have to say, I felt pretty good walking into that party!

Saturdays are the most fun. We either have movie day or someone comes in to put on a show. This time, it was an Elvis impersonator! Oh, how I loved Elvis Presley. I so wished he had toured Australia, but from what I understand, Colonel Parker wouldn’t let him. Anyway, our Elvis could really sing like the King. He might not have looked like him much, but when he sang the slower songs and I closed my eyes, I swore Mr. Presley was singing right to us. Some of the folks, myself included, got up to dance a bit. Some of the staff swayed our friends who are in wheelchairs to the music, which made us all smile. They always include everyone who wants to be involved. Great time.

My daughter, Amelia, and her kids are visiting today (Sunday). This place is usually hopping on the weekends with visitors. I was happy to give my grandchildren the toys I got for them and that kept them busy. Amelia talks to me about my care here, like she is worried, but I tell her there’s nothing to worry about. Look, it’s not all fun and games, but a lot of it is! You know, as you age, some days you feel your age. I’m just happy that we have nurses and a worker to call on when I need. I know Amelia feels sad that she couldn’t take care of me, but really, I’m happy where I’m at. It was the right decision after all.

So, that’s my week. What else do you want to know, honey?”

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