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I would like to be a personal carer. Are you hiring?

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Our team is growing, and we’re looking to hire people who are concerned about the well-being of others. If you’re interested, we’ll require a background check, screening and you’ll be asked to provide references. If you think being a carer is right for you, apply on our Careers page.

Some things to consider prior to applying:

Do you frequently put other people’s needs before your own? As a personal carer, people depend on you. To best serve our care recipients, being on site, on time is a requirement. At times, you may be required to be flexible with your assigned schedule.

Do you live a healthy lifestyle? Chances are, if you care for your own health, you care about the health of others. Our team is dedicated to providing healthcare services, some of which may require strength and agility. Please consider this before applying as a carer.

Are you considered a patient person? Like anyone, our care recipients have good days and not-so-good days. Feeling overly tired or unwell can affect one’s mood, thereby requiring patience on the carer’s part. Our goal is to provide a safe, comforting service, so maintaining a sense of calm and caring attitude is essential.

Being a carer is a meaningful profession that offers many professional and personal rewards. Those in healthcare are widely respected in the communities they live in. There are professional networking associations you may want to join to foster camaraderie and support for your career. With Respect, you’ll develop friendships, get paid a fair wage and gain pride in your abilities.

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