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Besides providing a helping hand, what else can I get out of having support at home?

Getting started with aged care

Most likely, you think of hiring a carer to take care of an individual’s health needs. But Respect care doesn’t stop there. Our carers treat people holistically—mind, body and spirit.

Aside from health and safety needs, care recipients benefit from companionship and one-on-one conversation. Having someone to talk with is so important as we age. We can air our feelings, talk about our likes and dislikes—even share recipes or run off about the latest footy match. In time, a carer becomes an extension of the family.

Here’s a real plus: the routine of having a friendly face show up every day is an absolute feel good. This is an especially important factor in combating depression. Medical issues, losses in life and loneliness are all catalysts for depression in people as they age. A carer not only listens to concerns, but sets up activities that can stimulate the mind and body, which in turn elevates mood. In short, a busy day is a purpose-filled day!

Not surprisingly, the relationship between a carer and the person who is being looked after has a significant, positive impact on both. The time they spend with each other may be more than they spend with anyone else. An empathetic ear and sense of humour go a long way in developing trust and camaraderie. It’s a downright win-win.

For people diagnosed with dementia, the psychological benefits of having a carer are quite remarkable. In fact, according to, having support for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can improve quality of life. Our Respect carers have learned techniques and activities to keep people in the early stages of memory loss actively engaged.

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